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Impact Factor as of May 27, 2013: h-index: 19
Issues in Informing Science and Information Technology
Query date: 2013-05-27
Papers: 385
Citations: 1665
Years: 14
Cites/year: 118.93
Cites/paper: 4.32/2.0/0 (mean/median/mode)
Cites/author: 1022.69
Papers/author: 240.30
Authors/paper: 2.03/2.0/multi (mean/median/mode)
h-index: 19
g-index: 25
e-index: 14.14
hc-index: 13
hI-index: 8.80
hI,norm: 13
hm-index: 13.67
AW-index: 16.39
AWCR: 268.65
AWCRpA: 164.73

Hirsch a=4.61, m=1.36
Contemporary ac=6.36

138 paper(s) with 1 author(s)
138 paper(s) with 2 author(s)
76 paper(s) with 3 author(s)
28 paper(s) with 4 author(s)
4 paper(s) with 5 author(s)
1 paper(s) with 6 author(s)