Conference announcements: 

e-Skills 2014 Conference for Knowledge Production and Innovation, Cape Town, South Africa, Nov. 17-21, 2014 (submissions through May 1)

Informing Science and Information Technology Education Conferences, Wollongong, NSW, Australia, June 30 - July 4 2014 

Informing Faculty has been established to act as a repository for high quality teaching cases that are specifically intended to serve as the basis for discussions between faculty members (including doctoral students). The principal setting of these cases will be teaching situations, particularly those where innovative technologies or changes in pedagogy are involved.


Originally established in a journal format, in 2007 the decision was made to change the outlet to a repository. Individuals interested in submitting new cases should email Editor-in-Chief Grandon Gill directly.


To serve as the principal source of refereed discussion cases that address the challenges faced by faculty members participating in higher education across the globe.

Message from the Editor in Chief

The Informing Faculty repository invites faculty members in higher education to submit case studies relating to situations that they or their colleagues have faced or are facing. These case studies should be designed to encourage thoughtful discussions of the issues involved, in a classroom, workshop or online setting. At the present time, our principle focus is on publishing cases addressing challenges stemming from:

  • Implementation of innovative technologies for teaching
  • Adoption of new pedagogies or procedures in a course setting
  • Developing new courses or curricula to accommodate the increasing diversity of the student body and to address regulatory issues
  • Balancing teaching and other career demands in an increasingly demanding academic environment

Cases that fall outside of these areas, but are nonetheless consistent with the overall mission of Informing Faculty, will also be considered.

 Currently, the “journal” is currently set up not to accept automated submissions. Should a potential contributor be interested in writing or adding an existing case to the repository, the Editor-in-Chief should be contacted directly.

T. Grandon Gill