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adapted from the website of the Australian Archaeological Association conference

Getting to Wollongong (and the Conference Venue)

Fly into Sydney Airport (SYD)

and take a train, bus, or drive to Wollongong

Where are the train stations at Sydney Airport?

See for current times and prices.

There are two train stations at Sydney Airport. One is below the Domestic Passenger Terminals (T2 & T3) and the other is below the International Passenger Terminal (T1). Look for the train direction signs in the terminals.

Price as of this writing: $21.20 AUD adult

At Sydney International Airport Terminal 1, the Station Entrance is at the north (city) end of the terminal. When you come out of the arrivals hall, into the public area, turn right and walk for about 150 metres (almost to the very end). The station entrance is down past the McDonalds Restaurant.

At Sydney Domestic Airport Terminal 2, the Station Entrance is near Virgin Airlines Baggage Carousel 2.

At Sydney Domestic Airport Terminal 3, the Station Entrance is near Qantas Airlines Baggage Carousel 1.

Taking the Train from Sydney Airport

There are hourly train services between Sydney and Wollongong on the South Coast rail line but you must change trains at one of the places shown below. Look for Intercity trains (not suburban) and purchase a one-way ticket as "Return tickets" are good only for travel and return on the same day.

There are three train stations in Wollongong: Fairy Meadow, North Wollongong, and Wollongong. For most of you, the station closest to your hotel will be the Wollongong station. From there you can take the free Gong Shuttle or a taxi to your hotel.

The train journey is a scenic one, travelling through the Royal National Park with views of the ocean and rainforest. Sit on the left hand side and upstairs (looking in the direction of travel) when travelling from Sydney. The trip takes around 90 minutes. There will be plenty of seats available on the train - except between the hours of 4-7pm - at these times the trains become a little fuller as commuters make their way home from Sydney.

Where to change trains: To get the South Coast Intercity train, you must change trains one time. There are two ways to do this; if you have questions ask for help at the train station at the airport.

(1) Via Wolli Creek. To get to Wollongong by train from the Sydney airport, take the airport train to Wolli Creek, and then change for a train to Wollongong. Peak hour trains to Wollongong often skip Wolli Creek, so verify the train stops at Wolli Creek or during peak hour catch the next train to Hurstville, and then change again for a train to Wollongong on the South Coast rail line. You can plan your train trip using this link.

Go to the Airport station's Platform 2 and catch the train to Wolli Creek Station and change to Platform 4 for your train to Wollongong (The South Coast line). Travel time is approximately 1 hour 59 minutes. (Note: Platform 4 is above Platform 2, there is an elevator which will take you and your luggage).

Please note that not all trains to the South Coast stop at Wolli Creek Station, so check OR if in doubt, we recommend you travel to Central Station.

(2) Or Change Trains at Sydney Central. The train to Wollongong can be busy during the morning and evening peaks heading towards and away from Sydney respectively, but you should usually get a seat.

Go to Sydney Airport Domestic or Sydney Airport International Train Station. At either of these stations go to Platform 1. Catch the train to Central Station and change to the South Coast Line from the Country Platforms (4-13) at Central Station. As of this writing, South Coast is platform 13 Travel time is approximately 2 hour 13 minutes.

(When you return from Central Station to Airport, the train to the airport is at Platform 22 or 23, as of this writing.)

From the Airport to Wollongong by bus - Premier Motor Service

If you prefer to trave from the airport to Wollongong by bus, Premier Motor Service The bus from the Sydney Airport to downtown Wollongong Coach Terminal is operated twice a day, at

  • 9:30-11:15; and at 15:35-17:25
  • Return: 9:35-11:00; 14;10-15:35
  • Also goes to Sydney central station

$18:00 per person domestic; $29 international

Driving from Sydney

◊ Drive out of Sydney along the F6 freeway, heading south, past Waterfall and Heathcote.picture of coastal drive to Wollongong
◊ Continue on past the Bulli Pass exit, down the mountain, where the road then becomes
Mt Ousley
◊ At the bottom of Mt Ousley, take the Wollongong exit, which will be to your left. 4. Follow the exit to the end of the road, where there will be a roundabout. There should be a McDonalds restaurant in front of you. Make a right hand turn at this roundabout.
◊ Move into the left lane and continue through three sets of traffic lights, then make a left hand turn at the traffic lights into Bourke Street.
◊ The Novotel Wollongong Northbeach (the conference venue) is situated at the end of Bourke on the left. The entrance to our driveway and the carpark is also off Bourke Street.

Driving from Canberra or Melbourne

From Canberra or Melbourne, you can access Wollongong via the Illawarra Highway or via Picton Road. Picton Road offers a faster, straighter trip, while the Illawarra Highway offers scenery with windy roads and the occasional waterfall and picnic areas. To go the quick, Picton Road, route, ignore the first exit sign to Wollongong from the Hume Highway at Moss Vale, and take the second, where the exit is also signposted to Picton.

Travelling by bus

Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne have bus services to Wollongong, offered through a range of companies. Wollongong is part of the Sydney public transport network, and you can plan your trip using one of their buses via this link.

Other bus companies who service Wollongong include:
Murrays (from Canberra and the south coast)

A really good option is bus company Leisure Coast Limousine Services (P 02 42 617 393). It is $60 per person on a mini bus (or shared limo!) which is more expensive than hiring a car with two people, but it is door to door service (and come on, it’s a limousine!!).

Travelling by plane

Because of the proximity of Wollongong to Sydney, there are limited flight options direct to Wollongong – most visitors fly to Sydney and then take a train or drive south. There is an airport approximately 20 minutes south of Wollongong (the Illawarra Regional Airport), however it is only available for charter flights and general aviation, not for domestic passenger flights.

How do I get around Wollongong once I’m there?

It's easy. There is a free shuttle bus service, The Gong Shuttle, which operates 7 days a week, making it easy to get around Wollongong’s City Centre, University and beaches.

Click here to download the Gong Shuttle Map.