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We are an association of colleagues helping colleagues. We draw together people who teach, research, and use information technologies to inform clients (regardless of academic discipline) to share their knowledge with others. Our mission has components both of production and retroduction. All our publications are available free online to everyone regardless of membership status. Our publications are also available in print at very reasonable prices. We are not a publishing company disguised as a professional organization nor are we a clique of insiders.

How it works - colleagues mentor each other

While we accept for publication only about 10% of manuscripts submitted, authors of all submitted manuscripts find the review process helpful for their career. This is because our editors, who are senior faculty, spend time helping authors learn how to make their submission even better. Our reviewers include those who have successfully been published in our journals or elsewhere. In this way, they (and we) use elements of our product to develop our production. We provide authors with constructive feedback garnered as the outcome of this retroduction process.

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